How to add a second SSD to your MacBook Pro.

I recently got a new laptop at work. Its the Laptop of all laptops, a MackBook Pro 15inch.
We went for the top spec model with a 256GB SSD drive and the High Res AntiGlare Screen. Its really sweet kit.

The only problem is that the 256GB SSD isn’t quite enough for my as I have lots of Virtual Machines which require a lot of storage and I had a Crucial 256GB M4 SSD
drive spare from my old laptop.

I since discovered that you can add a second drive to the Macbook by removing the optical drive which allows space for a second disk. All you need is to purchase a Caddy which I got from Amazon for £25 or there is a one which comes with an external caddy for your optical drive which is around £55. Both of these drives are available here Drive Bay and Drive Bay with External Caddy.

Once delivered I had to get hold of a couple of small screwdrivers luckily a colleague had brought these in for me. (can’t remember the sizes but they are very small. One needs to be a torx)

Heres how to fit the kit…

The Kit

The New Drive bay and my old drive.

Remove the Base

First remove the 10 screws from the bottom plate. Careful not to round the heads. Once removed the metal base will pull off. This did require slight force as there are a couple of retaining grips that hold it to.

Base Removed

Base removed.

IMG 4086

Locate the ribbon cable that crosses the drive and remove it from the board.

IMG 4088

Remove the drive connector from the side of the superdrive.

IMG 4090

Now remove the torn screws holding the drive in place.

IMG 4091

Lift the cable out of the way

IMG 4092

And remove the drive

The SATA interface in the drive bay does not perform as well as the HDD one so I recommend that you remove your existing Apple SSD and put that in your caddy and place your new SSD in the HDD bay.
IMG 4094

Remove the existing drive.

HDD removed

Place the drive in the caddy

IMG 4096

Put it all back together and Boot up your OS!

IMG 4097

Speed test of the new drive shows its twice
IMG 4099

and the Crucial 256GB M4 SSD

IMG 4098