Smart-X ControlUp and PVS Cache In Ram

When visiting a customer I’m often like to get a feel for the performance of their Citrix farm so I can see what improvements can be made. A fantastic tool for doing this is Smart-X Control-Up. Control-Up is the ultimate administration and real time monitoring tool. Not only can you see, in real time, what’s happening in your RDSH/VDI Farm but it also provides administrators with all the tools necessary to support and administer it. I like the analogy that its like a Medical ECG, you simply run the executable which then installs an agent on your VDI or RDSH hosts and then instantly you see the environments vital statistics.

VDI Environment in ControlUp

VDI Environment in ControlUp

There are loads of great admin features to make life managing the environment easier. One such killer feature, I love, is being able to select a user session and kill Group Policy being applied to that user, thus enabling the admin to change a browser setting, execute admin console, regedit or whatever is being restricted by GP.

Just one of the many built in features, there are far too many to write about in this blog, I suggest you go to their website and check it out for yourself.

As well as being able to use the built in features, Control-Up is extensible by creating your own Script Based Actions. These actions can be developed in house and/or shared with the community, there are already a large selection of scripts available to perform different tasks.

Its really quite easy to do, in fact I wrote my own. All that was involved was a slight modification to a PowerShell script I had previously developed. After some verifications and tweeking from Smart-X, it has now been published and shared for all to use, they even made a video showing how to use it.

Just one example of how admin and community oriented this product is, I urge you to download the demo and give it a try for yourselves. you’ll be supprised how great it is.


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