NetScaler 10.5 x – Subnet IP Address – Shows as Not configured

I recently upgraded a customers Netscaler to version 10.5 and they got an annoying screen every time they logged into the GUI. It appears as if the original configuration has not taken place.
Netscaler Screen

The reason for this is the addressed used to communicate to the the back end services is configured as a MIP and not a SNIP. As there are very little differences between the two this is a supported configuration.

It appears the new front end gui is not happy that a MIP is used instead of a SNIP, so to get rid of the message the IP type needs to change.

The best way to do this is to directly edit the ns.conf file and reboot the netscaler. (Ensure the netscaler is not part of a HA pair before doing this or if it is please follow the correct method of ensuring the config is replicated correctly).

find the line that defines the MIP mine looks like this …

add ns ip -type MIP -vServer DISABLED

And change the type to SNIP

add ns ip -type SNIP -vServer DISABLED

after a reboot the netscaler will load the config and change the IP type.

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