Desktop availability with XenApp and XenDesktop 7.5


Last Tuesday, CItrix launched news of its new incarnation of the XenDesktop Product, version 7.5. With this release, the functionality known as XenDesktop App edition, the provision of seamless applications and shared hosted desktops has been rebranded to XenApp 7.5. Does this mean the return of XenApp as we know it? Frankly no, it’s the same FMA application publishing technology that started in XenDesktop version 7. So, if you wish to publish an application or a Shared desktop, you need a server on which you install the XenDesktop VDA. This enables the server to be used to deliver its desktops and installed applications using the Citrix HDX protocol.

One interesting development however, is the announcement that XenDesktop will now support the provision of applications and desktops within a public cloud platform.

This is intended to offer organisations the ability to deliver Windows desktop sessions and applications to users from their on-premise cloud, but expand out to other clouds such as Amazon Web Service or Azure possibly if extra capacity is required to meet peaks in demand, for example.

This means that customer will use the same management console to control user sessions, wherever they are hosted. Ultimately this will enable them to use any of the large public clouds on the market, but initial support is for AWS, or public or private clouds based on the CloudStack platform.

I personally think this will be useful when designing a disaster recovery solution for a customer that already use cloud for their other services as you’d want your desktops adjacent to your data.

On the cloud you could host a Netscaler VPX appliance and extend the XenDesktop/App farm using GSLB (global Server Load Balancing) as automated failover.

Upgrade packages are yet to be disclosed however Citrix has announced a discount on XenMobile licences with its platinum version. As well as the XenMobile incentive platinum customers also receive App DNA for application migration.

All in all, some exciting developments on the horizon.


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