Clone and connect Nutanix Volume Group using PowerShell

Hardev Sangera and I held a breakout session at Nutanix .Next on Tour in London. The session was predominately to demo’s of some of the new features released with AOS5.0. During the session we demonstrated how to present iSCSI storage to a physical workload and then subsequently take a clone of that data and so it could be used to perform development activities on.

Enabling a DBA or developer ‘live like’ data to work with, which  can take hours with traditional methods.

Rather than using the Prism interface to clone the volume group and the iScsi initiator in windows to connect to it, I wrote a PowerShell Script demonstrating the use of  API and the Nutanix PowerShell CMDlets.

Disclaimer : I’m not a professional coder so don’t rip it to shreds when you read it, as there are significant improvements that could be made and it is only to serve as an example of leveraging the Nutanix API.


The script to disconnect and remove the Volume Group…


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  • Nicholas Sullo

    These are some nice scripts. I started working with some of the CMDLETS a few months back but seem to have lots of features missing. Maybe you know how to do some of the following?

    Check “Data Resiliency Status”

    Verify “DIsk Errors” – Failed or about to fail

    Anything One-Click related? Would like to be able to somehow hit these commands like I can with POWERCLI and VUM related commands.

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