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iPhone 6 Slow-Mo the Hamster Test

Picked up the new iPhone 6 last Friday and have been testing the slow-mo feature all weekend at various places. Last night, however I thought it would be a good to film my daughters Hamster, Bob (aka Killbill). Hamsters Can ...

Cool way to put out a boat fire

  Watch this video, it shows just about the coolest way to put out a fire. Its the boating equivalent of using planes in bush fires. Really Cool.

Burmese Taunggyi Fire Balloon Festival – Stupidity!.

So whats the best way to launch fireworks? Well it certainly isn't to do it from a hot air balloon. The reason, well for a start a Hot Air balloon rises due to the difference in temperature between its contents and the surrounding air. If you raise the surrounding air ...

Cute duckling thinks this guy is its mum and boy are they fast.

This Poor duckling thinks the guy with the camera is his mummy. Poor bast*rd, how can you get away from the duck without hurting it. Personally I think climbing up something the duck can't get up!

Frog Plays on an Android

Check out this frog playing on the Android game, Ant Smasher.     Its very funny.

Lion trys to eat zebra dressed toddler

Mother Heather Baltzor didn't think dressing her 13-month-old son, Jack, as a Zebra for his first trip to the Oregon Zoo in Portland would be such a hit with the inmates. The video, shot by the family, shows the lion scratching, ...

Best Fails Of The Week 1 March 2012 || YDL – YouTube

Best Fails Of The Week 1 March 2012 || YDL - YouTube.

Taking this Apple Fanboy thing a bit too far.

This guy in china is taking this fan boy thing a bit too far!

HOW TAX WORKS – For the rest of us.

Suppose that every day, ten men go out for beer and the bill for all ten comes to £100... If they paid their bill the way we pay our taxes, it would go something like this... The first four men (the poorest) ...

Nothing funnier than Cats in Tanks

This is mad, they're going to take over the world!!!!!