Sync Citrix PVS vDisk Stores

When using provisioning services and multiple PVS servers I find that using a SAN storage presenting a local vDisk store a good option. However, this creates the question of replication to all PVS server vDisk stores.

You can create a read-only LUN but this causes problems when you want to update the vDisk.


There are two easy ways to replicate the storage, Microsoft’s DFS or ROBOCOPY.


I prefer ROBOCOPY as replication can be controlled whereas DFS is automatic and you can encounter problems with ‘the last write wins’. These are explained in more detail in BramWolfs Blog Replicating your vDisk Store with DFS.


To replicate the vDisk stores I create a batch file with the following contents…

ROBOCOPY \\PVS1\D$\Vdiskstore \\PVS2\D$\Vdiskstore /MIR /xo /XF *.lok /XD WriteCache

ROBOCOPY \\PVS2\D$\Vdiskstore \\PVS1\D$\Vdiskstore /MIR /xo /XF *.lok /XD WriteCache

This script will mirror the destination with the source but the XO options are used in case the destination has a new version of the file,  XD is used to exclude the writecache folder and finally /xf will exclude the LOK files as recommended by Citrix.

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