Add a Folder to the Write Cache drive of Multiple PVS Targets – PowerShell

I recently needed to create a folder on the Writecache disk for the persistence of Eventlog files. Unfortunatley the customer already had around 40 XenApp hosts deployed.

I wrote a script which can be run from a machine with the Citrix Powershell commandlets installed, ie DDC. This Script lists all the Targets in the site and pipes them to the create folder command.

Ensure you have enabled the Citrix Snapins first…

And heres the code I created…


  • Good script Matt. Just an idea would be to have the customer create an AD group that has all the PVS computers housed in it, then you would not be dependent on the Citrix PSSnapins and could use it outside of the citrix environment.

  • Yeah, fair point. Should be quite easy to do. I’ll make the change and post when done.

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